Dunwich Dreams

These two tracks originally appeared on a 7″ on Fred Thomas’s Life Like label in 2011, but sadly due to a manufacturing problem the single ended up being limited to a mere ten copies. Since nobody ended up hearing here are the tracks for your enjoyment. They were written a couple of years ago and have plenty of references to the movie soundtrack work of Fabio Frizzi. Music blog ‘The Radiant Now‘ ended up asking to post these, so I remastered them and there’s a zip over there on the blog (with artwork) – streaming is below.


2 Responses to “Dunwich Dreams”

  1. Dear John,

    a bit sad to hear that you put XELA on the graveyard. Amusing to see your connection to Lovecraft and magikal cruelness in this world on this ‘posthumous’ release by your old project. Normally I don’t enjoy MP3-only that much but here’s the chance to get a testament from your old moniker which will be maybe never pressed on CD or wax.

    My last chance is in enjoying your label stuff which is always executed with love and a real pleasure for what the artists are producing. I remember to buy blindly the second Rene Hell LP only because of the limited goodies you put into the initial first records.

    You have a good hand for all those sometimes lonely souls out there in this world.

    kindest regards
    Thorsten Soltau
    m.m label

  2. ………how about a rerelease of your suspiria 7inch too?

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