The Divine

So ‘The Divine’, the second part in my trilogy of albums which came out on tape a while back (on the fab Digitalis label) is now out on LP on Dekorder. Just because I love you, you can listen to Side B in style thru Soundcloud here!

The Divine cover


3 Responses to “The Divine”

  1. Hey John,

    Is there any plan to release The Divine (and The Illuminated, and the 3rd in the trilogy) on glorious ceedee? I know I am close to blasphemy in asking that, but selfishly my turntable is as good as dead, and my cassette player will soon be…


  2. Yes actually there will be a CD triple pack once the final record is completed… it’s in the works, don’t worry. Sorry for the MASSIVE delay, I’ve definitely taken my time over these though, which I suppose is a good thing in the long run.

  3. i like this soundcloud track. it reminds me of this track of mine: which was influenced by NON, and at the time, getting kicked out of jehovah’s witnesses and getting back into cannabis. i heard of “xela” on’s “cliphop” station that i listen to sometimes. thanks,

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