New site

OK so I’ve finally dispensed with Myspace… it was long overdue and WordPress seems like a much better way to get things out. Also (and here’s the clincher), it fucking works. How many times do you end up posting crap to Myspace and it fails on you? Argh. And if you want to get in touch (I know y’all love Myspace messages) well, there’s this thing called email which does a real good job of replacing Myspace messaging. And Twitter. So you can expect semi-regular updates on Xela-related activities (new releases, etc)… which will probably be a lot more comprehensive and available than, say, Myspace. This is not a rant.


2 Responses to “New site”

  1. Nice art!!

  2. inchtime Says:

    Yeah, I never liked Myspace either. Long live the blog!

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