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Mix for Fluid Radio

Posted in Uncategorized on June 11, 2010 by learnwithxela

Hello everyone… so I was asked to do a mix for Fluid Radio, and I thought it would be nice to exorcise some of my ambient demons and keep my inability to play music of the same style (within reason) for more than five minutes in check. I tried to keep it vaguely summery, and then it rained. And became slightly cold. It feels slightly less relevant now, but still, enjoy.

Listen to the mix here!

Track List:

Black To Comm – Wave UFO II. b (Dekorder)
Jon Mueller – Remembered As (Type)
Reuben Son – Sensual Square (Private Chronology)
Fenn O’Berg – III (Editions Mego)
Pale Blue Sky – Someday, Sometime (Arbor)
Edward Williams – Man – A Choice for the Future of Life on Earth? (Trunk)
Raven Chacon – Hasta’aadah- for Wind Ensemble (Anarchymoon)
Miguel Atwood-Ferguson & Carlos Nino – Find A Way (Mochilla)
Virginia Astley – Too Bright For Peacocks (Rough Trade)
Celer – Cantering In A Copper Dress (Low Point)
Thomas Köner – 42 7′ N 19 6′ E (Fario)
Clara Rockmore – Band 2 : Ravel – Habanera (Mississippi)
Popol Vuh – Why Do I Still Sleep (Uniton)
Emeralds – Overboard (Off the Deep End) (Wagon/Gneiss Things)
Geoff Mullen – Bongo Closet III (Type)


The Divine

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So ‘The Divine’, the second part in my trilogy of albums which came out on tape a while back (on the fab Digitalis label) is now out on LP on Dekorder. Just because I love you, you can listen to Side B in style thru Soundcloud here!

The Divine cover

New site

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OK so I’ve finally dispensed with Myspace… it was long overdue and WordPress seems like a much better way to get things out. Also (and here’s the clincher), it fucking works. How many times do you end up posting crap to Myspace and it fails on you? Argh. And if you want to get in touch (I know y’all love Myspace messages) well, there’s this thing called email which does a real good job of replacing Myspace messaging. And Twitter. So you can expect semi-regular updates on Xela-related activities (new releases, etc)… which will probably be a lot more comprehensive and available than, say, Myspace. This is not a rant.